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Understanding Single-Mode Fiber Coupling

Zemax 12 Webinar: Understanding Single-Mode Fiber Coupling with Rays and Physical Optics

Single-mode fiber coupling is a critical aspect of many applications from Fabry-Perot lasers to telecom devices. Zemax provides comprehensive treatment of fiber-to-fiber and laser-to-fiber coupling, and is capable of accounting for arbitrary laser modes and diffraction effects.

This webinar is ideal for optical engineers, laser engineers, and scientists who are interested in understanding how Zemax approaches single mode fiber coupling. Both the Fiber Coupling Efficiency Calculation and Physical Optics Propagation will be explored.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to calculate fiber-coupling efficiency where fiber modes are Gaussian (TEM00) and diffraction effects are restricted to the aperture of the optical system
  • How to handle single-mode fiber coupling for arbitrary modes where diffraction effects are fully accounted for