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Tolerancing Real-World Optical Systems

Tolerancing Real-World Optical Systems with OpticStudio, September 8th 2015

Years of optical design experience combine with the power of OpticStudio to help you create manufacturable designs. This webinar will present a Maksutov telescope design and discuss some of the issues with tolerancing and manufacture. In this course, we will discuss:
  • How to account for as-built performance in your designs
  • How to strike the balance between cost and performance
    • Too loose, and the system will not perform well
    • Too tight, and the system will cost too much and take too long to build


​The sample file used for the Maksutov.zmx telescope is included as a sample file in the OpticStudio installation.  If you are using the most recent version of OpticStudio or the OpticStudio demo then you will find the sample files in the following file location. 

About the Presenter: 

Aaron Weleck is an Optical Engineer at Zemax with a BS and MS in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona. With over 10 years of optical engineering experience, he has expertise in the design, tolerance and manufacturing of complex systems.