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Photoluminescence, Phosphors, & Fluorophores

Photoluminescence - Accurately Model Phosphors and Fluorophores, August 20th 2015

OpticStudio 15 contains a powerful new Photoluminescence feature for more accurate modelling of the absorption and re-emission of light in fluorescent and phosphorescent materials. This allows the definition of complex Absorption, Excitation, Quantum Yield and Emission spectra to characterise photoluminescent materials. In this webinar you will see how to:
  • How to apply to Photoluminescence model to a non-sequential system and view the effects of the wavelength shift
  • How to analyse Absorption, Excitation, Quantum Yield and Emission spectra with the Spectrum File Viewer
  • How to define and edit spectrum files

About the Presenter:

Chris Normanshire is the Engineering Services Manager for the Zemax Europe office. In his 3 years with the company he has worked on various aspects of technical support and product testing, as well training hundreds of people to use Zemax|OpticStudio expertly. Chris has a BSc in Physics from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Optics and Photonics from Imperial College London.