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OpticStudio Frequently Asked Support Questions

April 6th 2016

OpticStudio is a powerful and intuitive program for optical and illumination system design, but even the experts sometimes need help. Join us to learn the answers to the most frequently asked support questions. This month we will discuss:

  • When should I use "sequential mode" for optical simulation and design?
  • When should I use "non-sequential mode" instead?
  • When do I need to use "physical optics propagation" and when is it accurate?
  • How do I define sources in each?

About the Presenter: 

Kristen Norton spent over 2 years working as a Lasers & Optics Engineer before joining Zemax as a Senior Optical Engineer in early 2014. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Willamette University in 2011, and MS in Applied Physics at the University of Oregon as a part of the Industrial Internship Master’s Program (Optics track). Known for her ability to tackle any problem, Kristen has quickly become recognized in the industry as an OpticStudio expert.