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OpticStudio Frequently Asked Questions Licensing

May 4th, 2016

OpticStudio is a powerful and intuitive program for optical and illumination system design, but even the experts sometimes need help. Join us to learn the answers to the most frequently asked support questions. This month we will discuss licensing options for OpticStudio: 

• What licensing options are available? 
• Single-user licenses and Multi-user Network licenses 
• The new options in ZOS 16! 
• License options by version (Zemax 13 and OpticStudio 14-16) 
• Benefits and drawbacks for each license type 
• How to trade in your license for a different type 
• 20-second quick start guide for each license type 
• Finding help and reference material for licensing

About the Presenter: 

Alissa Wilczynski is the Engineering Services Manager and a Senior Optical Engineer with Zemax LLC.