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Matlab & ZOS-API.NET

MATLAB & ZOS-API.NET, July 16th 2015

The new Zemax OpticStudio Application Programming Interface (ZOS-API) is a set of COM/.NET functions that expose analyses, tools and editors to external programmes. Most actions that can be performed manually inside the programme can be called through the API. This enables the user to greatly expand the capabilities of OpticStudio with custom algorithms or functionality. You will see an overview of this powerful new tool:
  • ZOS Standalone Applications
  • Getting started: Template for programming in MATLAB
  • Example 1: Creating a new lens from scratch and optimise
  • Example 2: Open an existing lens file and run an analysis
  • Example 3: Run a Ray Trace in non-sequential mode and display the detector
  • Error handling.  


About the Presenter

Thomas Aumeyr is a Senior Optical Engineer at the Zemax European Office and previously worked as a researcher in the field of high energy physics at CERN, Cornell University, and DESY. Thomas graduated from Vienna University of Technology and obtained his PhD from Royal Holloway, University of London.