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CAD Import, Design, and Export Within OpticStudio

August 24th

Critical to any optical and illumination design is the inevitable integration with another computer-aided-design (CAD) program. OpticStudio includes seamless CAD integration, eliminating the need to purchase a separate module or program. In this webinar, we will discuss how to import, optimize, and export CAD parts in OpticStudio. We will demonstrate how to dynamically open SolidWorks® parts and assemblies, optimize them within OpticStudio, and then save the parts in their native format. In addition, we will show you how easy it is to use OpticStudio’s built-in CAD program, called Part Designer.

About the Presenter: 
Kristen Norton spent over 2 years working as a Lasers & Optics Engineer before joining Zemax as a Senior Optical Engineer in early 2014. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Willamette University in 2011, and MS in Applied Physics at the University of Oregon as a part of the Industrial Internship Master’s Program (Optics track). Known for her ability to tackle any problem, Kristen has quickly become recognized in the industry as an OpticStudio expert.