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Accessing the Ray Database with the ZOS-API using MATLAB - Jan 25, 2017

This webinar will demonstrate how to utilize the Zemax OpticStudio Application Programming Interface (ZOS-API) for accessing the Ray Database (ZRD). We will show you the necessary methods and some tips&tricks on how to handle rays and segments with the ZRD Reader.

Note: The DLL in the webinar has been improved. The updated file ZRDLoaderFull.dll uses the ReadNextSegmentFull() method to access all the information available in a ZRD file. You can find more information about this method in the ZOS-API Syntax Help and the OpticStudio 18.1 release notes. The updated DLL file is included in the attachment. 

MATLAB & ZRD example files

Thomas Pickering is the OpticStudio Product Engineer and resident API specialist. He previously worked with Zemax for a year and a half as a Senior Optical Engineer. He has a PhD in Accelerator Physics from Royal Holloway, University of London. As a researcher, he focused on the development of particle beam profile monitors using laser-wire systems as well as optical diffraction and transition radiation.