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Packaging Optics in SOLIDWORKS Using LensMechanix

June 22nd 2016

This webinar will show you how to load OpticStudio designs directly into a SOLIDWORKS assembly using LensMechanix. LensMechanix removes the guesswork from the optomechanical design process by eliminating STEP, IGES, or STL files from your engineering workflow. Mechanical engineers can design mechanical components without recreating optical components in SOLIDWORKS. You will learn how to: 
  • Load sequential and nonsequential designs into LensMechanix 
  • Build mechanical geometry using actual lens dimensions 
  • Use construction geometry to simplify optomechanical designs 
  • Apply scatter profiles to mechanical surfaces
About the presenter:

Esteban Carbajal is an optomechanical engineer on the LensMechanix team.