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LensMechanix functionality and benefits

July 13th, 2017

LensMechanix is a SOLIDWORKS add-in for mechanical engineers. With LensMechanix, you can load OpticStudio files as native SOLDIWORKS components, eliminating the need for STEP and IGES files. When you finish designing the mechanical housing, you can run a ray trace to check if the mechanical components affect the optical performance. You can then correct any errors in the mechanical design in LensMechanix before you create a physical prototype. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to: 
• Load OpticStudio designs into a SOLIDWORKS assembly 
• Set up and run a ray trace 
• Analyze optomechanical designs for spot size, beam clipping, and image contamination 
• Display filtered rays and power on a mechanical surface 
• Correct errors in the mechanical design 
• Create an OpticStudio output for further validation


About the Presenters
Isis Peguero is the LensMechanix Optomechanical Engineer.