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Analyzing and Correcting Stray Light Using LensMechanix - March 8th, 2017

March 8th, 2017

When designing an optomechanical system, a major concern is the ability to identify and correct stray light that reflects off mechanical components, negatively affecting the optical performance. Learn how to use LensMechanix to catch and correct stray light before you build a prototype or send a design to manufacturing. 

This webinar will demonstrate how to: 
• Compare the performance of your complete system to the performance of the original OpticStudio design 
• Detect problems with mechanical components by isolating rays based on criteria you choose 
• Graphically display the intensity of light that falls on a specific mechanical or optical component 
• Slow the ray propagation through an optomechanical system to see how rays interact with components

About the Presenters
Esteban Carbajal is the LensMechanix Opto-Mechanical Engineer. 

Stary Light Powerpoint