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Update a Red or Green USB Dongle With Internet Access

This article is intended to help owners of red or green USB dongles update their license support information on a machine with internet access.

If your machine does not have internet access, refer to the following article for offline update instructions:

Update Green and Red USB Licenses on a Machine Without Internet Access
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Single User Licenses
Network Licenses
Green USB

NOTE:  Before continuing this article, you should be certain that you have a Red or Green USB key. 


 If you have a Black USB license, refer to Is My Key Under Current Support.  For softkey licenses, refer to Transferring and Updating a Softkey License.

Automatic updates

For all versions of OpticStudio released after August 2016, available updates for softkey licenses will be automatically applied to the license when OpticStudio, Lensmechanix, or the Zemax License Manager is launched, provided that the host machine is connected to the internet and can communicate with the Zemax License Server. The automatic update occurs once each day, the first time that you launch the Zemax License Manager or Zemax application. 
Manual updates

For versions of OpticStudio, Lensmechanix, or the Zemax License manager released prior to August 2016, updates must be manually applied according to the following instructions:

1. On the machine the USB dongle is physically connected to, open the Zemax License Manager (ZLM). You can open the Zemax License Manager from inside OpticStudio under Help > License Manager. If this is a network server, open Start Menu / Programs / Zemax license Manager. For Lensmechanix, Open Start / Programs / Lensmechanix /  Zemax license Manager. 

On the License Information tab, locate the license that you would like to update and press the Update button.

3. Enter the update code provided to you by the Zemax sales team, including the brackets  []. You should then receive a message of a successful update. 

4. Look at the License Information tab and verify the "Support expiration" field now reflects the renewed expiration date.  If the date displayed here is not correct, please contact Zemax Support. Include your license number and update code.

Q&A (license updates)

If I update a network license while seats are in use, what will happen?

Any client machines and the keyserver using the network license will see the updated license information immediately.

How often does the automatic update occur? 

The automatic update occurs once each day, the first time that you launch the Zemax License Manager or OpticStudio programs.

I get an error when applying an update code!  What should I do? 
First, verify that you have included the brackets [] in the update code.

Next, verify the update has not already been applied. If this was a support renewal, check the support expiration date for your license in the Zemax License Manager.  If this was an upgrade to a different version of OpticStudio (from standard to professional or premium for example) it will be listed there as well.

If you have verified you don't already have the update, check that your firewall is not blocking communication with the Zemax Server: open Internet Explorer (no other browsers!) and navigate to the following address:
If you are able to communicate with the server, you will see a page that says "Metadata publishing for this service is currently disabled..."  If you do NOT see this text, your firewall settings are preventing your machine from talking to our license server.  Work with your IT person to resolve this problem, or use the link at the end of this answer to perform an offline update.

Once you've confirmed that you can "see" the license server, you can force your software to check for an available update to your softkey license (only Applicatable if you are using the Sept 2016 or newer Zemax License Manager). To do this, go to C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\ZemaxLicenseManager and find a file called "Settings.XML."  Delete this file, then re-launch the Zemax License Manager.  

If you continue to experience issues, you can try the offline method below.
Can I update my license information without connecting to the internet?

Connecting to the internet is the easiest way to perform the update.  If the machine where the key is hosted cannot be connected to the internet, or the process fails, please see this article for offline instructions.

Getting Help

If you receive any error messages while updating, contact the Zemax Support team for further help. Please include any error messages as well as your license key number (such as L000001). It would also help to send a screen shot of the Sentinel Keys page located at  at http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html.