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OpticStudio Online References

This article contains a summary of all the pages on the Zemax website with information about the OpticStudio Online edition. 
Kristen Norton
OpticStudio Online

OpticStudio Online 

The OpticStudio Online Edition allows users to access OpticStudio Premium from a browser anywhere. The Online Edition is licensed as an annual subscription, which includes access to the latest major release, software updates, and technical support. Zemax provides dedicated servers to host OpticStudio, and it is delivered to your browser as an optimized virtual stream.

Online References 

This quick start guide is the best place to get started using OpticStudio Online: The end user manual contains full details about the use and operation of an OpticStudio Online account: The System Requirements page contains more information about the online server hardware. The first section includes the requirements for the perpetual on-premise editions of OpticStudio, but the last section is about the Online Edition: This knowledgebase article includes some general FAQs about OpticStudio Online:  There are separate service agreements for the OpticStudio Online Edition and the Online Trial:  This is a sub-page of the main OpticStudio licensing page, and contains an overview of OpticStudio Online licensing:  The pricing for OpticStudio Online is included in the main pricing page for OpticStudio: