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How to Use the Help System with OpticStudio

OpticStudio contains updated reference material in an easily-navigable in-line help system that replaces the 1000-page manual of previous releases of Zemax. This article explains how the organization and structure of the new Help System in OpticStudio.

Alison Yates
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Launching the Help System

The help files can be accessed within or outside OpticStudio. To launch externally, simply look in your listing of installed programs in the start menu:
Alternatively, it can be launched from the install folder for OpticStudio by navigating to the Help subfolder.
If OpticStudio is open, simply click any of the Help icons, or go directly to the Help Tab and click "Help System".  

Organization of the Help System

1) Getting Started Using OpticStudio

This section, found on the Help tab ribbon menu, helps new users of OpticStudio get started with the application. It has great tutorials on navigating the OpticStudio interface, and also contains a section entitled "Converting from Zemax 13 and Older" that acquaints long-time Zemax users with the new ribbon-based paradigm and explains the reorganization of analyses and tools.

2) In-Line Help or Help PDF

This resource provides specific details about each feature in OpticStudio, and is most likely the section you will arrive at if you click the Help Icon in a particular feature. For example, clicking the Help Icon in a Huygens PSF takes me directly to the description of the analysis, and links to additional information.

Searching the Help System

The new search capability allows quick access to the content in the Help System. For example, if you need to find what the 4-letter code for encircled energy, you can click on the Search tab, and enter "encircled energy."  You'll then find a ranked list of result pages that mention encircled energy. 


The newly revised help system provides quick access to all the reference material you need when using OpticStudio. Additional topics, cross references, and indexing will continue to be added as we push out updates for the help files.