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How to add a Zemax Search Engine to Chrome

Search this Knowledge Base directly from the Omnibar in Google Chrome!

This article walks through configuring Google Chrome to:
  1. Search this Knowledge Base from the Omnibar in Chrome
  2. Search from the Omnibar in Chrome
Jeff Leiseth
Frequently Asked Questions

This article walks through the process of adding the Zemax Knowledge Base search and search to the Google Chrome web browser as search engines so that you can search them directly from the Omnibar.

Zemax Knowledge Base custom search engine:

  1. Copy the URL
  2. Click the link here to navigate to Chrome’s search engine settings: chrome://settings/searchEngines you will see a window like the one depicted below.
  3. Enter the fields for either the Zemax KB search engine or the search engine. ​In Chrome version 46.0.2490.80 m it will clear the values every time you navigate away from this window which is why you first coppied the URL. Now populate the three values hilighted above with the values depicted below.
    • Zemax Knowledge Base custom search engine:

      1. Type in the following values in the fields for adding a new search engine.
        • Add a new search engine: Zemax KB
        • Keyword: KBA
      2. Paste in the URL: 
    • custom search engine:

      1. Type in the following values in the fields for adding a new search engine.
        • Add a new search engine:
        • Keyword: Zemax
      2. Paste in the URL: 
  4. Select Done
  5. Let's Test
    1. Clear the contents of the Omnibar
    2. Type in your keyword (KBA or Zemax)
    3. You should now see the following in the right hand side of the Omnibar
    4. With KBA still in the Omnibar press tab and type your search term.  In this example I used Microscope as the search term.  
    5. If you press enter you will see that Chrome searched our KBA for the term Microscope.
Q: Can I use my own term instead of KBA or Zemax?
A: You can use whatever name and keyword is most convenient for you, I used the keywords Zemax and KBA for demonstrative purposes.  The URL is the only item that needs to be verbatim.

Q: Can I make the KBA search my default search engine in Chrome?
A: Yes you can.  Once you have created the new search engine you can navigate back to the chrome://settings/searchEngines page and mouse over the new search engine to see a  button