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Directory Page for Green USB Licenses

This page is intended to help you find the correct resources and information for your green USB OpticStudio license.
Single User Licenses
Green USB

NOTE:  Before continuing this article, you should be certain that you have a green USB license.



Resources for Single User Green Hardkeys:

A standalone (single user) hardkey license requires one USB key per computer that runs OpticStudio. The standalone key must be physically moved between machines in order to run OpticStudio on a given machine. There's no limit to how many machines can run OpticStudio with this key, but only one machine can use the key at a time.

Installing OpticStudio for the First Time

This article is a tutorial on installing OpticStudio and its prerequisites.  This is intended for machines that do not already have OpticStudio installed.


Update a Red or Green USB Dongle With Internet Access 

This article will help you check and update the support information in OpticStudio.


Update Green and Red USB Licenses on a Machine Without Internet Access

If you are on a machine with internet access, you can activate or update your license inside the Zemax License Manager.  Without internet access, special instructions must be followed.

Is the Hardware Key Writable?

Users in highly secure environments may need to know whether the USB key is capable of being written to. This covers all USB key types. 

Please note that the hardware key is worth the full value of the software. We recommend that you purchase Zemax Productivity Assurance (ZPA) or insure the hardware key for its full replacement value. If the key is lost or stolen and you do not have ZPA, it will not be replaced without payment of the full purchase price.  You may see details of our policy here.