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Update Green and Red USB Licenses on a Machine Without Internet Access

This article is intended to help owners of red or green USB dongles update their license when it is attached to a machine without internet access.

If your machine does have internet access, refer to the following article:
Update a Red or Green USB Dongle With Internet Access

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Update a Red or Green USB Dongle Without Internet

NOTE:  Before continuing this article, you should be certain that you have a Red or Green USB key. If you use a Black USB license, refer to Is My Key Under Current Support. For softkey licenses, refer to Activate, Transfer, or Update a Softkey License On A Machine Without Internet Access



When you receive an automated email from containing an update code, you will not use the code. Instead, reply to and request a V2C file.  Save that file to the machine where the license is currently plugged in, then continue the instructions below.

Note: There is no need to save the .v2c file we send you, as we have a copy on our server if it is needed for any reason.

1.    Open a web browser on the isolated machine where your USB dongle is plugged in, and go to http://localhost:1947.
2.    Click on the Update/Attach link on the left hand navigation bar.
3.    Click “Choose File” and select the file attached from where you saved it locally.
4.    Click “Apply File”.

5.    You can now open OpticStudio or the Zemax License Manager, and both should display your updated license data.


Getting Help

If you receive any error messages, contact the Zemax Support team for further help. Please include any error messages as well as your license key number (such as L000001). It would also help to send a screen shot of the Sentinel Keys page at http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html.