Zemax Solutions Providers

Find a Solutions Provider to assist you in using Zemax software. 

There are times when employing a consultant is a better use of resources than undertaking a design yourself. Zemax does not offer design consulting services because we concentrate solely on developing our software and supporting Zemax users. We do not want to compete against our own customers!

Below is a list of Zemax users who work on a consulting basis and may be able to assist you. If you are a Zemax user who provides consulting services and would like to be added to the list, please let us know. Support for your Zemax software key must be current in order to be added to and remain on the Solutions Providers list.

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North America

Canada - ABB Inc.
Canada - Institut National d'Optique - Nathalie Renaud
Canada - Lacoptic - Jean Lacoursière, Ph.D.
Canada - Side by Side Optics, Inc. - Jasmin Côté, PhD
United States - AMP Optics, LLC - Adam Phenis
United States - Argyle Optics, LLC - Eric Stanley
United States - Antioch Systems - Dr. Richard H. Johnson
United States - bioDevice Partners - Steven R. Auger
United States - Brass Roots Technologies - John Jackson
United States - CFE Services - Brian Catanzaro
United States - Contrast Optical Design & Engineering, Inc. - Prof. Mike Tocci, Ph.D.
United States - David G. Stites
United States - Dick Buchroeder
United States - Eckhardt Optics LLC - Steve Eckhardt
United States - Five Talent Consulting - Bob Householder
United States - FiveFocal, LLC - Adam Greengard
United States - Hyperion Development, LLC - Mike Thomas
United States - IMAGE-N - Paul Manhart
United States - James Sutter
United States - Kessler Optics & Photonics Solutions, Ltd. - David Kessler, Ph.D.
United States - Logan Optical Design, LLC (LOD) - Logan DesAutels
United States - LumenFlow Corp.
United States - MiOuri Consulting Group - Youngshik YOON, PhD
United States - Moondog Optics, Inc. - Scott Cahall
United States - Nam-Hyong Kim
United States - Optecks, LLC - Hakki Refai
United States - Optical Engineering of Minnesota - David Stoltzmann
United States - Optical Perspectives Group, LLC - Robert E. (Bob) Parks
United States - Optics and Applied Physics - David Keith
United States - Optics for Hire - John Ellis, Anatoli Trafimuk
United States - Optikos Corporation
United States - OpticsWorks Inc. - Igor Landau
United States - Perdix, Inc. - Kenneth E. Arnett
United States - Precision Optics of Azle, LLC - Mike I. Jones
United States - Proof of Concept Optical Engineering, LLC
United States - Reid Greenberg
United States - Rivendell Heights, Inc. - Greg Sprehn
United States - Robert E. Schalck
United States - Rockfield Research - Jeff Casey
United States - ROM Engineering, Inc. - Skip Radau
United States - Ruda-Cardinal Inc - Mitch Ruda
United States - Savvy Optics Corp. - Dave Aikens
United States - SMA Optical Technologies, Inc. - Stephen C. Arnold
United States - Quartus Engineering - William McGuigan