OpticStudio affords users the ability to customize the behavior of various aspects of the user-interface to enable faster, more efficient operation of the program. Most customizable capabilities are defined in the Project Preferences dialog. These include: 

  • Quick-Access Toolbar: Easily configure the toolbar above the main ribbon menu for one-click access to analyses and tools you use most frequently.
  • Configurable Shortcut Keys: Map sets of keystrokes to any analysis or tool.
  • Project Specific Folder Locations: Place folders that contain glass catalogs, coatings, CAD files and others anywhere you like. These can be changed on project to project basis.
  • Status Bar: Configure the status bar to keep track of important quantities, such as focal length, F/#, and many others.
  • ZPL Macros & DDE Extensions: Print data in a particular format, create custom plots and analyses and much more.
  • And numerous other graphic, text, and editors specific behaviors. 
User Customization: Just one more way OpticStudio is engineered for the way you work.