Zebase 6 Optical Design Collection

The toughest part of any optical design is knowing where to start. Zebase 6 solves this problem by providing a comprehensive catalog of more than 600 well-designed lenses from which new solutions may be derived. To find a good starting point, simply look through the list of categories in the Zebase 6 User's Guide. Then, upload a sample lens file in Zemax format, and begin your modifications. Lens samples include:

  • Singlets, doublets, and triplets
  • Achromats
  • Eyepieces 
  • Magnifiers 
  • Afocal systems
  • Beam expanders 
  • Air spaced triplets
  • Inverse telephotos 
  • Retrofocus 
  • Wide angles, telephotos, and zoom lenses
  • Petzval lenses 
  • Microscope objectives 
  • Double Gauss lenses 
  • Endoscopes 
  • Periscopes
  • Riflescopes 
  • Mirror telescopes 
  • Scanning lenses 
  • Projection lenses

Zebase 6 includes a 360-page Zebase 6 User's Guide shows a Layout, Ray Fan Plot, and Field Curvature and Distortion Plots, as well as useful data such as EFL, F/#, and Field of View for each lens. Zebase 6 is only useful if you have OpticStudio, and some designs require Professional or Premium editions.