About the OpticStudio Online Edition

OpticStudio is now available online! OpticStudio Online licenses allow users to access OpticStudio Premium from a browser anywhere. The Online Edition is licensed as an annual subscription, which includes access to the latest major release, software updates, and technical support. Zemax provides dedicated servers to host OpticStudio, and it is delivered to your browser as an optimized video stream.

Accessible from anywhere. All you need is an HTML5-capable browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11. No software installation, expensive hardware, browser plugins, Java, or Flash. You don’t need to worry about soft or hard key licenses, or about installing software updates, or maintaining hardware requirements. Zemax takes care of all this for you. OpticStudio Online includes a personal cloud storage drive, so you can access your files from any browser.

Faster performance. The OpticStudio Online Edition is not just convenient—it’s fast. OpticStudio runs faster online than on most laptops. It can access cloud storage over massive 600 Mbps pipes, which is 100x faster than the average upstream connection. Even when you modify a large OpticStudio file, the changes are synced in seconds. The OpticStudio user interface updates quickly, so you experience excellent OpticStudio performance, whether you’re using a Mac, PC, iPad, or Chromebook.

New collaboration feature. The OpticStudio Online Edition makes it easy for colleagues to work together from different locations. It includes a new collaboration feature that is not available in other editions of OpticStudio. When you click “Share session” and send the URL to a colleague, they can join your session from their browser. You both see the same view of OpticStudio, and you can share control of the software in real time.

The OpticStudio Online Edition makes it easy to collaborate with a colleague on the same file in real time. In this
screenshot of the Online Edition running in Chrome, the mouse is hovering over the “Share session” feature.
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