OpticStudio Licensing

On-premise OpticStudio single user licenses and network licenses are issued on a perpetual basis with either a soft key or a hard key.
  • Single user license - Allows one computer and one user to access OpticStudio at a time. To run OpticStudio on a different computer, the license must be transferred between computers.
  • Network license - Allows multiple computers to access OpticStudio at the same time, provided they are connected to the same network. Network licenses provide easy management through an administrative interface, and convenient check-in/check-out capabilities for accessing OpticStudio when disconnected from the network.
  • Soft key - Unlocks OpticStudio with a license code. This is the easiest and most common licensing option. It eliminates the risk of misplaced or stolen USB keys.
  • Hard key - Unlocks OpticStudio with a USB key. There is an additional fee for purchasing a hard key license. Please contact your local sales team office for pricing information.

We recommend that you purchase Zemax Productivity Assurance to protect your soft key or hard key licenses. Please see these articles for policy information about lost, stolen, or damaged licenses:
OpticStudio Online licenses are issued on a subscription basis.
  • Online license - Allows you to run the OpticStudio Premium Edition from a browser. Zemax provides dedicated servers to host OpticStudio, and it is delivered to your browser as an optimized video stream. You’ll see excellent OpticStudio performance, whether you’re using a Mac, PC, iPad, or a Chromebook.