Zemax Productivity Assurance for LensMechanix

The LensMechanix Zemax Productivity Assurance (ZPA) policy comes with every purchase of a LensMechanix license. LensMechanix is sold as a subscription license, and is activated with a softkey.
  • The ZPA provides a one-time free key replacement in the event of lost access to the license due to hardware failure, software malfunction, or a lost or stolen computer. Customers can ask for one key replacement under ZPA for each 12-month subscription period.
  • Customers can receive 80% off a second key replacement for the same license in one 12-month subscription period.
Zemax reserves the right to revoke licenses for customers who inappropriately file for key replacement.

If you need to file a claim, email lmxsupport@zemax.com and provide your license number. You will be sent a Key Replacement Form, which you need to complete to verify the conditions of your loss of license.
If you are looking for the OpticStudio ZPA, please visit the OpticStudio ZPA webpage.