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Upcoming Webinars

Learn what makes OpticStudio and LensMechanix unique, discover new features, and learn user tips to speed up your optical and illumination design process. Zemax webinars include extended tutorials, introduction to new features, and time saving how-to information. To join an upcoming webinar, click Register Now. To watch an on-demand webinar, click OpticStudio Recordings or LensMechanix Recordings in the left pane.

Designing for manufacturability with OpticStudio
Wed June 6, 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET
OpticStudio can be used to solve sequential and non-sequential optical design challenges—no matter how simple or complex—before physical prototypes are ever built.

In this webinar, we will discuss how OpticStudio enables design and simulation of high-confidence optical systems. This includes optimizing for manufacturability, using the automatic non-sequential conversion tool, tracing rays with splitting and scattering, and simulating real sources. We will also answer the following questions:
  • How is a nominal design different from a manufacturable design?
  • When should as-built performance be considered?
  • When is non-sequential ray tracing needed?
  • Why are both sequential and non-sequential ray tracing needed for a high-confidence optical design?
  • How is a high-confidence optical design turned into a virtual prototype?

About the host:
Kristen Norton is the OpticStudio Product Manager. She worked as a Laser & Optics Engineer before joining Zemax as a Senior Optical Engineer in early 2014. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Willamette University, and MS in Applied Physics from the University of Oregon.

About OpticStudio:
With its comprehensive set of analysis and simulation tools, OpticStudio is used to design optical systems across a wide variety of industries, from aerospace and astronomy, to automotive, biomedical research, consumer electronics, machine vision, and more. OpticStudio combines complex physics and interactive visuals to analyze, simulate, and optimize imaging systems, lighting systems, and laser systems, all within tolerance specifications.

About Zemax:
Zemax’s industry-leading optical product design software, OpticStudio® and LensMechanix®, helps optical and mechanical engineering teams turn their ideas into reality. Standardizing on Zemax software reduces design iterations and repeated prototypes, speeding time to market and reducing development costs.

Zemax software touches nearly every optical system manufactured today, including virtual reality systems, cell phone cameras, autonomous-vehicle sensor systems, and intraocular lenses—even imaging systems for the Mars Rover. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and continued dedication to their customers, Zemax delivers unmatched value and has the largest, most passionate user base in the industry.

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