An Introduction to the Scattering and Sources Libraries

OpticStudio includes libraries for modeling real sources and scatter profiles in non-sequential mode. This webinar explains how to use these libraries, and describes the different kinds of scattering and source models. The following topics will be covered: 
  • Surface scattering and the Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF) 
  • Built-in scattering models including Lambertian, Gaussian, ABg, and DLLs 
  • How to simulate scattering of polished optical surfaces versus housing materials for stray light analysis 
  • IS Scatter Catalog with real measured data 
  • The Scatter Function Viewer and Scatter Polar Plot features 
  • How to define sources 
  • The source libraries, Radiant Source Models, and IES Source Models 
  • The Source Directivity Plot, Source Polar Plot, and Source Spectrum Plot features