Online Training Part 2: Using the Training Portal

Thank you for choosing to participate in our online course! Before you join us in class, here is some useful information about how the online teaching environment will work.

We ask that participants review this information prior to the beginning of the course. As students are unable to access the online training environment prior to the class start date, this guide serves as a "preview" that will help you learn how to use ReadyTech in preparation for your first day.

Note that this article assumes you have completed the required steps listed in Online Training Part 1: Course Logistics and System Requirements.

If you need additional help and are unsure who to contact, feel free to write us at


Davey Dean

Logging into ReadyTech

At the beginning of the course when you are ready to log into ReadyTech, navigate to Under the "Login" tab, enter the access code provided to you via email a few days prior to class and click on the "Log in" button.

When accesssing the Instructor-Led Training portal for the first time, you may be asked to enter your first (given) and last (family) name. Please provide these so that we may better identify you during the class.

Accessing the Remote Desktop

Logging into ReadyTech places you directly on the Lab tab. Note that we will not be using the Lobby tab nor the Materials tabs unless otherwise instructed.

In order to access the online lab which contains OpticStudio, you will use the Remote Desktop connection function from within the portal as shown below.


If you do not see this window, something is wrong and you should contact ReadyTech Support and your instructor immediately.

Under the Remote Desktop window, you will see Login credentials. We have changed the settings so that you are not required to input them. However, in the event that you are prompted, the credentials are formatted “Login: username/password”. Simply enter them if prompted, then click “Connect to the Lab”.

Verifying System Readiness 

This is simply performing the pre-check steps similar to what is described here but from within the ReadyTech environment after logging in. This step is optional but may help you troubleshoot issues that were not detected during your initial pre-check.

To perform the pre-check within the online training environment, select your name in the top-right cornder and click "Pre-Check".

At the end of the Pre-Check, you should see five check marks. If you do not have all five check marks, please contact ReadyTech Support immediately. You should also notify your instructor via in-chat, the GoToMeeting session or by writing

Using the Remote Desktop

Notice that after connecting to the Remote Desktop a new “Desktop” tab will appear in the navigation menu. This will allow you to easily navigate back and forth between the Lobby and the Remote Desktop. Within the Remote Desktop itself, in addition to the Recycle Bin, you should be able to access the following applications.

  • ReadyTech Folder: This folder allows files to be transferred between students and the instructor. Generally we will not use this feature, but if it becomes necessary, your instructor will provide more information on how to use it.
  • LabManager: This application allows students to participate in the course by virtually chatting with both the instructor and other participants. It also allows students to virtually raise their hand by selecting “Request Instructor Help”.
  • OpticStudio: This application allows students access to OpticStudio so that they may follow along during the class and complete examples during the lab.

The Desktop tab shows commands for interacting with the remote desktop such as “Detach Window” and “Enable Viewer Toolbar”.

Asking for Help

The Lab Manager application has a feature called "Request Intructor Help". We will be using chat exclusively in GoToMeeting (see next section). We request that you do not use ReadyTech to request help. It is much easier to manage muliple student requests by relaying all requests through GoToMeeting only.

Connecting via GoTo Meeting

While the course work will be completed through the ReadyTech portal, the instructor will present using GoToMeeting. To access the meeting, select the link provided to you for each day of the course. The meeting will begin when the instructor joins the meeting. While GoToMeeting should be more straight-forward, here are some tips for using it:

  • Confirm that your microphone and speakers are working properly by testing either in the GoToMeeting interface. If you experience any problems connecting your audio to GoToMeeting, notify your instructor right away.
  • Students are not required to use their webcam for the course.
  • Please keep your microphone muted throughout the course except to ask or answer a question. To prevent background noise during the course, the instructor may choose to mute students when they are not talking.

If you have trouble connecting to GoToMeeting, please contact your instructor immediately.