Online Training Part 1: Course Logistics and Systems Pre-Check

The following article explains all of the system requirements and instructions you will need in preparation to attending an online course provided by Zemax.

If you experience an issue with the steps concerning ReadyTech, please reach out to their support team per the information provided below.

Questions concerning the sale or registration of your course can be answered by contacting

All other questions and general inquiries can be resolved by reaching out to

Once you've completed the action items mentioned below, be sure to check out Online Training Part 2: Using the Training Portal.


Davey Dean

Course Notes & Registration

For online courses, we will send you a physical copy of the course notes. There will also be required reading prior to the beginning of class that will be explained prior to the start of class. Please ensure that your registration form indicates the correct shipping address for each participant. If you have not filled a form out, we will send one out to you. The form should be returned to

To guarantee successful shipping, we request that the form be completed two weeks prior to your course start date. Note that digital course notes are not available at this time.

Two to three days prior to class beginning, the instructor will send a registration code to the email address you have provided. The code is issued by our lab service and cannot be issued sooner. Once consumed, the registration code cannot be refunded or replaced. Do not redeem the code if we have made arranagements to reschedule you.

Note as this is a remote session into our classroom environment, you will not be using your own OpticStudio license. We will not be reviewing your license information for the purposes of teaching this course.

Class Start Times 

Please visit our Online Training page for a full breakdown of the times and dates for online course. Exact times and dates will vary by time zone. Online courses are taught globally, so we recommend to double check the start time for your region.

System Requirements

  • Two monitors, each with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Headset
  • Microphone
  • Broadband internet access (a hardwired connection is recommended over wireless)
  • Sufficient bandwidth if multiple users are connecting from one location (#users x 1 Mbps = total required bandwidth)
Important Notes
  • Additional network and internet activities such as browsing or downloading large files can effect remote lab performance. Please avoid all non-necessary internet activities during the training.
  • Although the majority of corporate VPN connections will allow a connection to the remote lab service, some are too restrictive and will require the ability to turn off the VPN connection in order to successfully connect to the platform.

Supported Browsers

Your browser will need to support HTML5 which is only available with new versions of browsers. The current supported browsers are:
  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Firefox 15 or higher
  • Safari 6 or higher
  • Opera 12 or higher
  • Chrome 16 or higher (JavaScript enabled)

ReadyTech Lab pre-check

The online course platform is called ReadyTech. You must run a pre-check to ensure that your connection speed is sufficient and that your browser is compatible with ReadyTech.

Visit and then click 'Start' with DC1 - United States selected. United States is where our server is located, so you will use this selection regardless of your physical location.

You should see green check marks next to each line:

If you do not, please contact ReadyTech support and include the result of your test by clicking the "Details" button in the lower left corner of the pre-check page:

GoTo Meeting pre-check

This pre-check will allow you to ensure that your audio and video will work as expected.

To run the GoToMeeting pre-check, please navigate to, scroll down and click on "Join a test session":

Please follow the instructions on Step 2 in the same webpage to test both the microphone and speakers. If you are experiencing any issues, please follow the troubleshooting links provided on the GoToMeeting page above.

If you have difficulties testing your webcam on this site, you can try a third party site such as or one of many others to perform this test.

Once you've completed the action items mentioned above, be sure to check out Online Training Part 2: Using the Training Portal in preparation for your first day of class.