How to Fix Scrambled Text in OpticStudio Analysis Windows

This article addresses an issue where the descriptive text inside analysis windows is unreadable or scrambled with OpticStudio. This issue has only appeared in Windows 7 with OpticStudio 16.5.

If you are having an issue where the analysis windows are nothing but black, white, or grey, see the article What to do if the graphics windows in OpticStudio are black.

Don Dickinson
OpticStudio 16.5

Symptoms Of The Issue 

This article applies if the text in the analysis windows in OpticStudio 16.5 looks like the below example. Note the unreadable text to the left and below the image. This appears on Windows 7 SP1 machines with Intel HD Graphics Cards, or laptops with hybrid graphics where there are both Intel and Nvidia / AMD dedicated graphics adapter. 

Addressing The Issue

Method One

We have isolated the issue to a DirectX issue in Windows 7. Microsoft released 2 updates for DirectX in Windows 7 SP1 that you may not have received automatically. 

Download and install both files in the following links. If either update is already installed, it will simply display a message stating so.

Be sure to install KB2670838 first, as it is a prerequisite for the second.

If the above updates don't resolve the issue, proceed to the Method 2 section.

Method Two

You can workaround this issue by disabling a feature that Intel graphics adapters use called Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing, or CMAA.

To start the process, you may right-click on the Intel Graphics icon in your Windows system tray, and select "Graphics Properties". 


If you don't see the above blue icon in your system tray, open your Windows start menu and type "Intel". One of the search results should be the Intel HD Graphics control panel. 

This should take you to the following screen. Click on the 3d button. 

Finally, select "Turn off" for the Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing option. 

Once that is done, restart OpticStudio and see if your layout windows look normal again. 

Method 3

This method should be used as a last option if the previously stated advice didn't help. In OpticStudio, click the Setup tab, open Project Preferences, then select the Graphics section. Remove the check from "Use DirectX 11 for Analysis Windows."


Getting Help

If you still have an issue, please email Include your license key number from the Help / About screen. Also, please attach the ZemaxGraphicsInfo.txt saved from the OpticStudio > Help > System Diagnostics. It will open the following window. Clicking Save Output will create ZemaxGraphicsInfo.txt. If you can, include a screen shot of the System Diagnostics screen as well.