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The new features and updates in OpticStudio take optical design to the next level. Optimize for MTF at least 10x faster than before, trace more rays with more field points than any other optical design software, build custom applications with the new API documentation, and analyze the aberrations of optical systems across the full field of view.


The Standard Edition includes improvements such as a new Field Data Editor and the Field Plot. It also includes the enhanced Spot X+Y default merit function, which is now the fastest way to optimize for small spot sizes. Quickly navigate the editors and find the right surface, object, or operand using enhanced search capabilities and organize your files with bookmarks. And more!

The Professional Edition includes all features available in the Standard Edition, plus the Contrast Optimizer, which uses the innovative new Moore-Elliott method. Efficiently optimize and tolerance non-rotationally symmetric systems with up to 50 field points. The Full-Field Aberration analysis helps you improve your freeform designs. Automatically convert sequential systems with decentered apertures, multiple configurations, and sequential tolerances to non-sequential mode for stray light analysis. Create and simulate complex lenses and object geometries in non-sequential mode for optomechanical design. Customize and automate your workflow with new API capabilities and added API examples for MATLAB, C++, C#, and Python.

The Premium Edition includes all features available in the Standard and Professional editions, plus the ability to trace rays from more than 200 field points, so you can design complex freeform systems with high accuracy. You can also design new phosphorescence systems, like a fluorescent solar concentrator, with the most comprehensive ray-based phosphors and fluorescence model on the market. Dynamically open and edit SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, and Creo parts in OpticStudio with the Dynamic CAD Link for a complete optomechanical design with no loss of information. Contact your local sales team to upgrade.

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New features and updates

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