LensMechanix 4.0 is now available.
  1. If necessary, uninstall your current version of LensMechanix.
  2. Get the new version: Download


The latest release of LensMechanix includes several important capabilities. Here are some highlights of the new features and enhancements:
New Features
Power thoughput

Easily identify the source of undesired power loss by analyzing power throughput
Enhanced multi-configuration capabilities
Simplify information sharing by creating an OpticStudio output file with multiple configurations, and simultaneously compare the optical performance of all configurations
Support for loading optical assemblies mated in reference
Add optical systems to existing assemblies in any location or orientation
Support large assemblies
Analyze assemblies with thousands of components
Improved Optical Performance Summary (OPS)
Access the OPS from the SOLIDWORKS graphics area 
For more information, see the LensMechanix 4.0 Release Notes

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